Lems and Gams—

It is our most undoubtable pleasure to let ye know that The Bacon Review is returned.

In its Season Two Garb, The Bacon will be released every six months that we might provide a longer, healthier dose of the goods.

New wood, new steel, new lights, every ish.

We will also be moving from a rolling submission cycle to a four-of-six—the first four months will be your seeds blowing into the field, the latter two will be our scythe and our production.

We publish short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, as before; we've also added a Visual category for the 'tographers, 'strators, and other Deviant artists who don't find Her in the written word.

Submissions are now open for our renaugaural issue, available July 3rd, 2015 as PDF download and here, TBR.com—replacing this fool of a message.

to be sealed May 3rd, 2015
This is a Portal to our Submit Place