Folken Mostus—

How hard it is to look at the oaken door that separates our interior from the great outside and think of some of you out there wondering whether we’ll open it again.

How vain to imagine there’s anyone there.

Some people have asked though:

Did you guys screw it up?



We promised we’d publish an issue in six months. Jason went to China and sits in the murky motion of odd firewalls and weird internet access. Eric is always half-bent-over, setting I-beams and nailing shear to his Uncle’s house.

Turns out—even with six months, we’re still rushing.

So you know: we are reading and responding. Poets have heard back; fictioneers and non-fictioneers are stuck with the slow editor. When we’ve read it all, we’ll crack the shell on that oak-door, split the veneer s.t.s. and let whatever gauzy craft we’ve built sail out to you, by way of our moat.

And too, you can come submit more stuff at that point.

As of now, it’s likely to be a month. We’re aiming for end of August, and we’re aiming high.

Thank you so much for your patience. There’s at least four good rags out there to read while you wait for us wafflers.

Another to the Archives, while we’re here!

Katarina, Katarina, with the quirk that counts. Or the Quirkish Countess, the Queen Collector.

Katarina Boudreaux
Banana Clip Heaven

And we wanted to thank the donators who’ve helped us continue to afford Submittable, which is charging us now at a steady clip. It’s sucking at our archives-to-print fundage, but we’ll just get an issue live and see what becomes the rest.

These guys: Michael Aliprandini, Tim Smith, and Parmalee Paula Cover.

Questions, concerns? the.bacon.editors @ gmail