As you may or may not’ve noticed, you can no longer submit your work for the upcoming issue of The Bacon.

That will change, obviously, after July 3rd.

From our end, we have 368 submissions to read and respond to. Yeehaw! Average that out, say everybody submits around five pages—a fifteen-hundred page anthology! A Coda Complete.

Some of you’ve been getting published waiting for our pokings. Fantastic. Let us know where you’re getting pinned up—it helps us get out and see what else is going on in the pond.

In the meanwhile, we’ve got an archive addition.

Myr Lethalm has proven to be one of the most exciting real-time characters in our world. Measure his words—they stand again and again as uncrowned studs in the walls of The Story.

Harley Lethalm
The Flower in the Wall

Submissions re-open le jour d'indépendance Américaine

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